Essay on The War Of The Vietnam War

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Though Muhammad Ali was not one to skirt with the concept of breaking the law and resorting to aggressive means to ensure his survival outside of the ring, but he was known to stir controversy when his opinions, often strong, were to clash with the established norms and issues of the time. One of the most notable examples was his eventual arrest and conviction upon refusing to serve in the armed forces during the Vietnam War.

An institution that was one of the primary elements of the counter-culture of the 60s was the act of drafting soldiers to fight in the Vietnam War, a conflict that was waged with the objective of stopping the then-threat of communism throughout South East Asia. With the Johnson administration focusing on ending the war through attrition and troop surges, compounded with growing anti-war sentiment throughout the United States, many became disconnected with the cause and reasons for the war. This had resulted in a movement of opposition to a surge in declining to serve when summoned or even dodging the draft by leaving the country. For many reasons shared among several thousand young people during that decade, being sent to Vietnam to fight was just not in their spirit.

Muhammad Ali 's reasons were not that of self-preservation or a fear of armed combat against a formidable enemy on their own soil, but personal moral and religious stances that he sought to justify whenever questioned or confronted about his reasons to oppose his drafting. When he stated…

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