Essay on The War Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War is infamous for the controversy surrounding it and the affects it had on both the soldiers and civilians involved. This brutal war was one of the first wars where biological warfare was utilized, resulting in a multitude of tragedies and carnage. The Vietnam War was a sort of new kind of War. As the allies faced off against communist Vietnam, the United States began to encounter problems in Vietnam with the Vietcong, the Vietnamese communist soldiers. The Vietcong used a style of fighting known as guerilla warfare, this means that tactics such as ambushes, blitz attacks, and booby traps were used to defeat their enemy. This worked because normally fighting would go on in dense jungle areas that the Viet Cong knew well. The United States devised a solution to this, it’s name was Agent Orange. Development of Agent Orange started before the war in about the 1940s but started to become widely used in the 1960s (Lerner). It is a combination of two herbicides, 2,4-D (n-butyl-2,4, dichlorophenoxyacetate) and 2, 4, 5-T (n-butyl~2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy acetate), it is also a pesticide and a defoliant meaning it kills plants and strips trees of their leaves. This gave an advantage to the U.S because they could now see through these dense, leafy areas and the Viet Cong no longer had anywhere to hide. Though the Vietnam War is now over, there still lingers a controversy about whether the use of Agent Orange can be justified. However, it is clear that the use of Agent…

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