The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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In 1963, the streets of Saigon and the surrounding cities of Southern Vietnam were flooded with Viet Cong (VC). These were Vietnamese Communists who lived all throughout Vietnam. The towns became overrun and soon the South started to lose control. As a result, the United States sent around 16,000 military “advisers” to Southern Vietnam. Their job was to aid the South in their efforts to drive the VC out of their country. This, however, was rarely the case as there was a thin line between providing military assistance and taking total control. The incident that occurred in the Gulf of Tonkin is a perfect example of how the United States took matters into their own hands and escalated problems in Vietnam. This opened the door for U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War (Versache 12).
Unfortunately, the following year, reports were sent back to the United States regarding South Vietnam’s current state. It was not good. Consequently, the government agreed to send in 5,000 more “advisors”, and the CIA began to train and supply weapons to the South Vietnamese. The U.S. also began a Naval surveillance program to collect intelligence, and started espionage in North Vietnam (Versache 12).
Tensions began to rise as the VC found out about militarization of the South. The subsequent months only brought more escalation. As a May Day celebration, the VC sank a South Vietnamese ship in the Saigon harbor. On top of that, they also bombed a group of Americans. Fortunately for the United…

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