Essay on The War Of The Crusaders

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quickly defeated them. This ended Muslim resistance to the Crusaders for the time (“Jerusalem Captured in First Crusade”). The news of this miraculous event started to spread from Jerusalem all the way back to Europe. Now that the Crusaders took back their holy lands, Christians could go on their journeys of faith and have no fears of death. Sadly, the news never made it back to Pope Urban II. Urban passed away in 1099, only two weeks after the capture of Jerusalem (“Pope Urban II Orders First Crusade”). He would never learn about how his revolution to take back the Holy Lands became a success. Crusaders, after capturing Jerusalem, set up a number of Crusader states in the Holy Lands. However, these kingdoms didn 't have the necessary army to sustain more than a flimsy, weak hold over these new states (“Templar | Religious Military War”). These forces would later become the Templar Knights, who dedicated their war effort to protect and defend the new Christian states. About twenty one years later, in the year 1120, the Templar Knights truly became an official force. Hugh de Payns led eight or nine French knights to dedicate themselves to the defense of the pilgrims and to construct a religious group for their goal (“Templar | Religious Military Order”). Even though some thought the Templar Knights would not do the job, they received the task to protect the Christian States. Templar Knights received their name because Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem, allowed them to stay in…

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