Essay on The War Of The Civil War

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There were many hard fought battles in the Civil War. But, arguably the biggest battle the United States went through, was the Reconstruction of the Civil War. The North may have won the war, but the South got their fair share of victory during reconstruction. The South did everything in their power to make sure “equality” was only preserved for the white man even though slavery was abolished. Once a black man was considered a free slaved, the South would not try to accept change, rather, they refused to respect any freedoms given to a black man. The South never budged with their beliefs and that is why they won the Reconstruction of the Civil War.
The big question with the reconstruction, “What will become of the former slaves?”. The slaves were the key to the southern economy. Without slaves, there were little to no workers for the farmers to grow their crops. Before the Civil War, slaves were worth about 2.5 billion dollars to the country. This brought up a huge conflict in the South. The southerners did not want to lose their slaves to freedom, but they also were not happy with the idea of having to give a former slave some type of payment to work for them. Under the Wade-Davis Bill, the South was forced to remain under military control until 50% of the population wanted to go back to the Union. Plantation owners were forced to pay the former slaves by contract. “It required landholder to give up whipping, sign contracts with ex-slaves, pay wages, and provide food,…

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