Reconstruction: The Reconstruction Era Of The Civil War

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When the Confederates surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865, it was evident the road to reformation was going to be a problematic one. The two conflicting regions, the North and the South, both had very different ideas for what they believed the ideal American country should be. The North yearned for industrialization and dependency on business while the South wished to stick to agriculture, as they had for decades. On top of that, the issue regarding slavery was still not resolved in any shape or form. The period following the Civil War was called the Reconstruction Era and it was filled with clashing ideas on how to unify the country again. Reconstruction mostly, but not entirely, failed to bring justice and social and economic equality to freed blacks. Reconstruction did not completely disregard the …show more content…
By ignoring these affairs, they allowed the hatred against colored people to culminate and spread from region to region. After freedmen secured the right to vote and serve jury duty, people still found reasons to attack blacks. To some people, blacks were too ignorant and unfit to serve to serve on a jury (Document D), and it proves that the reforms during this era had nearly nothing to do with racial relations. By claiming blacks had no right to be on a jury, it proves that no social equality was achieved during Reconstruction because people continuously kicked color people to the bottom of the social hierarchy. People were too stubborn to accept that blacks were equal to whites and that they had every right to be working for the government (Document G). Blacks lived in the same country as whites, but they were scorned for pursuing a career that allowed their voices to be heard. It was as if the white people during Reconstruction were trying to restrain colored people once more, as they did with

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