The War Of Independence During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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During the eighteenth century, Europe experienced a period of intellectual, social and political movements influenced by the enlightenment ideals, that challenged the repressive social and political structures in society. It was also the period in which France and Britain dominated international affairs, engaging in lengthy wars to expand or protect their colonies from invasion. Most significantly, the costs involved with continual large-scale wars, proved devastating for the economies and the social cohesion of the countries involved. For instance, France was facing bankruptcy as a result of their involvement in both the Seven Years War and the American War of Independence, triggering social action that influenced the revolution. Similarly, the financial burden of the Seven Years War, and the expansion of the British Empire, prompted the British Parliament to seek revenue from the colonies to ease the burden on the people of Britain, and to protect the American colonies from invasion. Essentially, Britain’s intrusion into colonial affairs was the catalyst in the ensuing developments of the Revolutionary War. The consequences of the financial crisis in France and Britain, and their significance in the development of the American and French revolutions will be explored.
During the mid to late eighteenth century, the five great powers: Austria, Britain, France, Prussia, and Russia fought over power and territory. Although alliances between the powers sometimes shifted, the…

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