How Did The French Revolution Influence The American Revolution

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The American Revolution heavily inspired the French people, and it was the event that mainly influenced the occurring of the French Revolution. The American Revolution led by example, introducing new ideas and different manners of running a country. Their revolution was built on the constant oppression of the British Monarchy, and against all odds, the Americans gained their independence. However, their freedoms were not successful without help from the French Monarchy, or King Louis XVI. who worked hand in hand when it came to overthrowing the British Monarchy. The French Revolution began under political crisis and major debt, which began from funding the American Revolution financially. This was not the first time the French monarchy aided the American colonists. King Louis XVI sent his men to help with the war effort overseas. This consequently caused the news of revolution to circulate through France. These French men came back to France with proof that a revolution is possible, and that sometimes people must stand up for what they think is right. The French people revolted and created many events that were inspired by the feelings of liberty and individual rights that the American colonists fought for. They created the Declaration of …show more content…
These Declarations were written by people who strongly believed in the concept of Enlightenment. Enlightenment was a philosophical movement that in the terms of politics, the people run the government. It introduced radical new ideas such as republicanism and democracy in a world under a crown. The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen was inspired by the American Declaration and ultimately finalized the end of monarchy rule in

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