How Was The American Revolution Successful

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France tried to replicate the great American Revolution, but ended up just copying the Americans’ “cutting not their sewing” forcing the ultimate failure where America was successful. The American Revolution came as a direct result of the anger of the colonists and the desire to protect their “unalienable rights” of life, liberty, (property), and the pursuit of happiness. Britain began to tax the colonies to make up for the war debts and the colonists thought that was unfair and fought for fairness. They decided that they needed rights and to not be taxed unjustly but when both Parliament and the King turned a blind eye to their needs, they stood up and fought. They declared independence and decided to force the motherland from their new country. However, America’s political success did not come easily and in fact was the direct result of the guidance of the founding fathers including George Washington and the great …show more content…
The American founding fathers realized that their first attempt at government, the Articles of Confederation was not effective, so they decided to try again and create the Constitution and a Bill of Rights to ensure that “the right of the people [are] secure in their persons, houses...shall not be violated” (Bill of Rights). This protected the citizens’ freedom against tyranny and government, as the government under this system was unable to take away their rights. France, contrastingly, decided to take a different route in their governmental reconstruction. They decided that the society needed protection from the bad individuals, as they were fighting for freedom from a couple bad individuals. They ensured this with their version of the Bill of Rights called the Declaration of the RIghts of Man and Citizens of 1789. That was drastically different from America and it proved to be so when America was successful and France unfortunately was

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