The War Into Its Middle Stages Essay

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As the war entered into its middle stages, 1862 to 1863, the North began to turn the war around by a definite change seen in their society. The change in society was seen by the Northern culture as well as their government where the war was viewed as a moral war in the eyes of the Union. Lincoln establishes the abolition of slavery as the North’s leading cause to preserve the Union. A shift takes place in the Northern society as the fight to end slavery becomes their primary reason to reunite the Union. The population in the North saw the fight to end slavery as a moral and religious cause. Although Lincoln never used terms such as “crusade” he was able to connect words such as “emancipation” to it rallying a Northern Christian population to take up the cause and defeat the South. As the war continued both sides began to wear down and sought for a way to end the fighting. This search involved the formation of revolutionary military tactics the practiced by the North. Total war became the tactic that proved to help the Northern States turn the war around. It involved the Southern society and economy’s destruction by the Union in building a new Southern culture in the post-war years. This was an advance from the traditional form of Napoleonic style of fighting that took the war to the enemy’s society and economic infrastructure, which destroyed it at its core rendering the opposing force’s ability and morale to continue fighting. These advances from the traditional American…

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