Essay on The War Influence On American Patriotism

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Gulf War Influence on American Patriotism The early 1990s was a time of economic prosperity for America. During the Gulf War, which lasted form 1990-1991, America earned a small profit due to the fact that the United Kingdom, an ally of the United States during the war, paid for most of the war expenditures while the war was occurring. With little money being put towards the war and American exports being high, America progressed economically during the Gulf War. The help of the United Kingdom was a large factor in the success of the United States during the war. However, in the eyes of one American, it was not the only thing that added to the American success during and after the Gulf War. Dave Donaldson served as a marine from 1988-1982, which was during the Gulf War. Previous to the Gulf War, Donaldson, who has high respect and dedication for America, noticed a lack of patriotism and little trust in the government among citizens and within cities. Donaldson’s view of patriotism is love and support of where you came from because it provided you with all the opportunities you were granted within your life. America has and always will be considered the land of the free and is known to provide everyone with the American dream. To Donaldson, America is one of the safest, most opportunistic countries in the world, but there was not enough appreciation or support for America prior to the Gulf War. Vietnam syndrome, which is lack of government support and lack of…

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