The War I And Trench Warfare Essay

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He clearly shows the fear and anticipation of the inevitable that was constantly present down in the trenches.

During the time period of World War I, trench warfare was very common. It was a newer technique in battles compared to what wars prior to the Great World War were like. Fighting was slightly less invasive and men merely marched at each other from opposite ends of fields and fought until only one side remained standing or a white flag was hung high in surrender. In fact in older wars, the fighting was far less dangerous to the point where battles were often times viewed by locals who watched from side lines with really no threat of getting hurt. In World War I however, the fighting had upscaled to the most sadistic type the world had ever experienced. With the industrialist wave that had overcome us in the late 1800s into the early 1900s, many technological advancements made the war a lot harsher of a scenario. Mass weaponry was being created in factories all across Europe to use for the war, and so the “old wars,” of much less casualties and danger were in the past, and the “new war,” or first World War was at the present, with heavy war machinery and severe casualties. The picture in the Stearns text book on page 808 displays a group of soldiers during World War I in the trenches, their homes and in most cases-their death beds during combat. In this picture it is clear to see that life in the trenches was dismal and uncomfortable. Trenches were basically…

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