The War Between The Native Americans And The Europeans Settlers

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The peace between the Native Americans and the Europeans settlers did not last very long due to years of mistrust and fighting for control of land both laid claim to. Tensions reached a boiling point during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Jackson became a leading advocate for the removal of Native Americans from their lands. In his first and second annual address to Congress, Andrew Jackson presented his controversial stance on forcing the Native Americans out of United States territory. His argument gained some support, but was met with criticism from those siding against his policy. Both sides offered their legal and moral arguments on the subject of Indian removal, but those against the policy made the better argument. Andrew Jackson offered a solution to a problem in his first annual address to Congress in 1829. He extracted valid points from the Constitution as well as reminded Congress of past events. In the southern states of Georgia and Alabama, Jackson claimed Native American tribes were attempting to establish independent nations within those states, which Jackson himself did not condone. He stated the Constitution does not allow the formation of states within the jurisdiction of another state. It would prove to be unconstitutional to let the Native Americans create their own government in those states without the approval of Congress. Jackson further drove his point when he stated the General Government did not permit a confederate state from forming within…

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