One Thousand And One Nights: An Analysis

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Since the dawn of time, humankind has clung together, holding on to the humanity they share that separates man from beast. Somewhere along the line, people stopped seeing humanity, and started only seeing humans. It soon became difficult to ascertain the purpose provided to all humans. From Nazism, to slavery, people have been unjustly ceased, enslaved, and slaughtered. People stopped seeing agency. What is agency? Agency is the ability for the agent, the person, place, or thing, to have meaning, voice, choice, or impact. The ideology has been ‘Survival of the fittest’. Eventually, people stopped fighting animals and began fighting one another. One huge dynamic of the whole war against humanity seems to be the war against women. Throughout …show more content…
From Shahryar murdering a new wife every night, to Jason trying to think for Medea, and Eve ignorantly taking a bite out of the fruit of evil, women have always been painted as the creators of disaster. Still, time and time again women have been able to counteract this trivial mindset, and come out victorious. At the very least they came out vindicated. The development of the misogynistic mindset relies heavily on the text being used, however, they are usually similar in nature.
One Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Knights, is an ancient text that profoundly supports the claim that throughout history, women have been viewed as inherently evil. The main antagonist, Shahryar, develops a huge distrust in women after he finds out that his wife and slaves were found sleeping with black slaves. Not only this, but he learns this while also learning that his little brother’s wife did the same thing. Enraged, he marries a new woman every night and executes them in the morning. Shahryar views women as objects to be used and thrown away, and believes that they should be murdered as soon as possible, lest they create chaos. Shahryar let his mind become so overwhelmed with anger and
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Instead, he believes that women are very useful when it comes to the quest for power. Outside of that, he thoroughly believes that women are all the same, and that the whole female race is a nuisance. Who is the real victim in Medea? Although her actions do not make her appear to be very vulnerable, the Medea is the victim. In summation, Medea and Jason are husband and wife, paired to each other by Hera and Aphrodite, their patron deities. She helps him retrieve the Golden Fleece. Medea even killed her own little brother, all for the sake of her love for Jason. After all of this, he marries another woman, Princess Glauke, without consenting Medea, and claims that it’s for her own good. Jason views women as pawns in a game of chess. He states “My motive was the best: so we’d live well and not be poor. ” (___). Medea chooses not to be used for Jason’s rise to power. Instead, she chooses to get the vindication she truly deserves. The Nurse says “Her mind is fierce, and she will not endure ill treatment.” ( ____). Medea followed the chart discussed in class. She went from depending on her father to depending on her husband. She, in theory, did what she was expected to do. Instead of adhering to the vows he placed before Hera, the goddess of marriage vows, Jason allows his greed get in the way. He sees that women are impactful and decides to marry one with more impact in a field that

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