The Waking Dead Is A Television Series Show Based On A Post Zombie Apocalypse Scenario

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The Waking Dead is a television series show based on a post zombie apocalypse scenario. The main character Rick throughout the series is looked at as the leader by his ever changing group of survivors. This group which includes his son and daughter are trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse. They are constantly dealing with trying to protect one another from the zombies and gaining basic necessitates. The group begins to find that true malevolence is with in people and not the walking dead. With no laws or regulations people turn to do whatever is best for themselves and their groups. This causes mass killings of humans for food, water, weapons and safety. The core of the show is the survivor’s dilemmas as they struggle to keep their sanity and humanity within this unbelievable chaos. Throughout the series the group faces many moral dilemmas and ethical conflicts. In addition, one prominent moral dilemma that Rick had faced was either to kill the governor or try to negotiate with him over the prison. The prison is where Rick and his group found shelter and safety from the walking dead. The governor prompted that he wanted the prison for him and his survivors due to the amount of safety it gave. He threatened Rick by saying he would murder all the survivors in Ricks group if he did not suffice his wants. Rick knew that the governor was cruel to his own people and would do anything to get what he wanted. Since the prison was big enough he figured he would try to…

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