Argumentative Essay On Survivor

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Register to read the introduction… First and foremost, form alliances based on gut instincts, don’t make snap decisions based on a few conversations with someone who tells you they want you as their alliance; they could be telling everyone the same thing. If a player chooses an alliance right away it could appear to the other players that you might be desperate. Maintain moral and ethical behavior, whatever value set the player has coming into the game it is best to not sway in your personal beliefs, a person can win the game by sticking to their beliefs, they may just have to make some small adjustments; after all it is a game. If at all possible talk openly with other tribe members don’t sneak around plotting schemes against other players unless the majority of players are on board with the idea of voting someone out of the game, this person is usually the one that has proven to be deceitful. Controversy can be a game changer for many players; don’t form personal relationships that may appear to be more than just an alliance for instance, showing a romantic interest and paring up the end result could be unfavorable votes resulting in leaving the game. After watching this show for many years the one thing I’ve noticed is how the participants tend to sneak off to meet another player to talk about strategic moves, this is frowned upon by the other players especially if it doesn’t appear that the “sneaking” off is for a necessary reason like going to the bathroom, looking for food or …show more content…
Why do people do the things they do? What rules do participants as well as viewers place on themselves? Who is able to view Survivor as “just a game,” and therefore play by different ethical boundaries than they do in real life? The tension between competition and collaboration is on full display”. The reality show Survivor is a social and strategic game which takes skill, the ability to socialize well with others, and the ability to perform grueling challenges to move through the game. The ramifications of not having these traits could cost a participant the loss of the million dollars. Many former players that were voted out of the game have been allowed to return in other seasons they were usually the ones voted off due to their lack of ability to play a social game; they were considered “villains”. These individuals had the abilities and skills but lacked heavily in getting along with others. Personally I never understood why they brought these individuals back to try again. There was a season called “Hero’s vs. Villains” when ten former players known for their acts of integrity, honor, and ethical behavior (Hero’s) and ten former players known for their unethical and deceptive behaviors (Villain’s). The villain’s displayed their same deceitful traits they had in their prior shows and most were voted off quickly however, villains have won the game of survivor because they incorporated their deceitfulness with strategy. From an ethical or moral standpoint the “villain’s” played a dirty game to win however; it is a game where a million dollars is at stake. The final result of the game is when the last three participants must sit in front of a jury comprised of former players, who may have lost the game due to the strategic moves of the final three whether it is through broken alliances, or lying. These three participants must persuade the jury why they played the game the way they

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