The Vision And Values Of Eco-Justice, Community, Justice And Justice

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Around the globe, people from different backgrounds take action into creating justice according to their faith or personal beliefs. In present times, many environmental issues are being brought to light. Pope Francis, President Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and many other famous figures have made their statement into addressing such environmental issues. According to Dr. Dieter Hessel, director of the ecumenical Program on Ecology, Justice and Faith with Yale and Harvard; identifies that “the vision and values of eco-justice ethics express a spiritually grounded moral posture of respect and fairness toward all creation, human and nonhuman...concerns for the natural world and for human life, that recognizes that devastation of the environment and economic injustice go hand in hand, and that affirms that environmental and human rights are indivisible”. Throughout this essay, Christie Kochis, business management and environmental studies major at Loyola is driven by such ideal.
Having a Roman Catholic religious affiliation, Christie believes that having a
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We are called to address injustices and I think the work highlighted previously by Christie, helps highlight this call for service and an outlet for addressing justice in our society through education and action. It is necessary for us to build and create justice in our world and communities. We cannot create peace and justice in the world if we ourselves are not peaceful in our own beings. Therefore, it starts with us as individuals. “I believe each person can have an impact, large and small. Even the small actions of talking to a neighbor and educating them on a topic or a new perspective can generate discussion and action across a large array of people. This can lead to reform and new legislation to address issues like justice,” such statement points out the importance Christie believes on building and creating

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