Essay on The Violence Of The United States Police

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In the year of 2014 alone, more than 100 unarmed people of color were killed by United States police. Mistaking pill bottles for firearms, running people down with their police cruiser, the causes of death to these 100+ individuals are too high (Unarmed Victims of 2014, 2015). In the modern age, the US police act as though they can do whatever they want, using their badge to justify the actions acted out by hate groups. This leads to the murder of hundreds of unarmed civilians, most of which are black individuals or other minorities. Although not all police officers are guilty, the issue is large enough to warrant nationwide protests, the birth of groups such as Black Lives Matter, and even make its way into the 2016 presidential elections.
In Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed teen, Michael Brown, was killed, there is a massive racial gap, as reported by the US Department of Justice. This report stated that compared to white people, black individuals are two times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop, while being 26% less likely to have anything illegal in their possession. In all accounts where a police canine bit a person, the person was African American. Another group of statistics included in the report state that in being charged for: failure to comply, resisting arrest, disturbance of the peace, and failure to obey, African Americans account for 89 to 94 percent (Ehrenfreund, 2015). The investigators in the report wrote “that the focus of Ferguson police on…

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