The Violence Of The Black Panther Party Essay

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I have constantly asked why police, are able to get away from any situations that goes against the human rights. Because police officers are able to get away from committing human rights violations, people are outraged. The more excessive brutalities there are, the more police can 't be trusted. The police have had a higher authority, especially today, but mostly in the 1960s, and they abuse that by violating the human rights.
Racism in the previous 40 years has come a long way. At the beginning, white cops as of now had an issue with African Americans. Contrasted with white individuals, African Americans were dealt with like trash. The police were exceptionally brutal against them. They never hesitated to shoot a guiltless child that was black. They never had the right sort of judgment and they would be secured for a crime that they did not commit. “In the late 1960s, the Black Panther Party stood up to the racist violence of the trigger-happy cops, soon bringing down upon them the fury of the capitalist state” (International Communist league, 2009, para. 31). The Black Panther party was an organized group that stood up against racism, which also includes unnecessary shooting to innocent lives. Racism was a very complicated issue 40 years ago, and the police having a higher authority made it worse.
It makes sense for the police to have a higher authority, in order to maintain other people that deserves justice, yet frequently it can get out hand. The police believe since…

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