The Violence Of Police Brutality Essay

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After reading Divided by Race, United by Pain. I have so many strong thoughts and feelings about what happen in these three states. First I will like to say I am disappointed in my black community. When it comes to protesting about police brutality it should not be done in a negative way. There is no need to riot with guns, bats and other weapons. How can we expect to be heard if we are trying to resolve violence with violence. Over the past few years there has been an ongoing war between the blacks and white police officers. Therefore I am not surprised about what happen to the five police officers in Dallas. As for the other two fatal shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota it saddens me that police brutality continues to be a cycle. Police chief Malik Aziz stated “Days like yesterday or the day before- they shouldn’t happen. But when they do, let’s be human beings.” I agree we have to stop doing the expected and do the unexpected. Meaning it is time to speak out and let our voices be heard.
Police brutality is getting out of control. The one question I ask myself every time these fatal shootings happen is why the U.S government has not enforce more training and stricter rules when it comes to approaching someone. Furthermore it will be helpful to educate black people what to do and what not to do when being approached by an officer. When I views both videos of Alton sterling and Philando Castile it disgusted me. Mainly because our nation can physically see that these…

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