The Violence And Fear Of Canada Essay

1550 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
Throughout the the world violence and fear take peoples attention everyday. The Famines in Africa, the child slavery in India, the politics in Asia and drugs and terrorism in the Iran and Pakistan are the forefront of the daily news who focus so heavily on these foreign issues of violence and fear. The issues do exist in Canada but are not covered as equally which gives citizens the view that there is no fear and violence. Canada is perceived as the second most positively viewed country in the world according to a 2013 poll conducted by BBC News. This shows the common perception of Canada and how the media and government has blinded us from all the violence happening in the homes of Canadian around the country. In Canada, the percentage of citizens over the age of 60 has risen to 21 percent. By 2050 that number is projected to rise to about 30 percent. With the increasing numbers comes the increasing rates of elder abuse. Elder abuse is the improper treatment of an elder. It can be committed psychologically, economically and physically. Elders suffering are robbed of the right to live within the parameters of ‘Catholic Social Teaching’; primarily the Life and Dignity of the Human Person. It is the duty of Canadians to be held responsible for these action and stand up for seniors being abused because they can not always stand up for themselves. Due to their possible physical and mental state, they are vulnerable to abuse and sometimes even helpless. Museums contain many…

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