Essay on The Violence Against Women By White Supramancy

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Violence is one of the greatest forms of suppression against women that exist in the Euroestrinic world. Violence against acts have become so far engraved within western society that acts committed against women are sometimes justified by historical violence or biology. This understanding of violence has been particularly damaging to women of color, specifically identifying black women. Yet, Sanday’s study Rape-Prone Vs. Rape Free Campus Cultures proves that these society are not solidified in ones biology and is in fact a social construct.
Violence against women is created by the hegeomonic structures in forced by white Supramancy. “ Hegeonomic masculinity is always constructed in relation to various subordinated masculinities as well as in relation to women,” (Conell, Hegemonic Masculinity and Emphasized Feminity, 22). Western society is shaped around the idealization of the white heterosexual male figure. It is expect that everyone attempt to reach these statues and those who cannot must accept their subordinate role. This construction fixates women, people of color on non-heterosexual people as subordinate groups in society. Though these categorization of subordination are fixed, one can quickly loose his role as a dominate position by being emasculated by society. Hence, to ensure his place within dominance acts of violence are committed against members of subordinate group, which includes women. Violence against all women is extremely prominent within the United…

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