Essay on The Viking Sword And Katana

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Historical accounts give swords the status of legendary, mystical, impervious, and empowering. Swords were seen as giving the wieldier power, and the wieldier seen as being of high social standing, according to the quality of the sword. Both the Viking sword and Katana were masterfully designed according to the environment and materials available in both demographics. The Vikings were not one specific organized group of people. They started out as multiple smaller unorganized tribes. The Vikings were Norsemen originating from Scandinavia in norther Europe. They are known for fighting, steeling, and pillaging other lands to expand their wealth, influence, and power. The Vikings were, however, not as savage as they were made out to be. In trying to find a way to make a living Vikings would travel to many different lands and finds places that had the resources to provide for them. This would sometimes cause them to pillage or take over townships or villages that were in their way. Though they did kill many people they never deliberately went out of their way to decimate an entire people or every village in their way like Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Vikings would often participate in fierce battles with other Vikings, warriors from other lands, and armies from other lands. The weapons used most often by Vikings were the spear and the battle axe. The Viking sword was reserved for Vikings of high standing and the fiercest worriers. The Viking sword was a powerful tool and…

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