Essay on The Vietnam War Was The Most Controversial War

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The Vietnam war was the most controversial war to date. The sons of the baby boom had just reached the age to fight, their fathers had raised them preaching on how a man fights in the war when he is needed. But also from the baby boom was the birth of anti government, free mind movement. The vietnam war was a war we had no reason to fight in, in the second world war the United States was attacked by the Japanese. The United States felt threatened by the fact that the N.V.A were communist backed. The fear of the red menace led to the death of 58,307 american lives. They called the first world war the war to change all wars, but Vietnam was the real war to change all wars.

“I saw courage in both the Vietnam war itself and the effort to stop the war. This war taught me that patriotism doesn 't just come from militaristic action but also protesting” - John F. Kerry. With the baby boom following the second world war, we gave birth to the generation of peace and free mind. Following the torpedo attack on two US destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin president Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the bombing of N.V.A (North Vietnamese Army) military targets. The american youth saw this, they decided to speak out. Many anti war groups formed within the first few months of 1964, one of the largest was the Students of the Democratic Society (SDS). The SDS was about 1000 members strong at its peak, they had multiple chapters within the country. There base of operations was in New York City,…

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