Essay The Vietnam War Fought By America

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The Vietnam War fought by America is easily one of the most complicated. The United States faced many different complexities. Karl Lowe describes the complexities in the beginning of his essay “Hybrid Warfare in Vietnam”. He talks about how there were many “layers” politically between the different civil wars being fought along with the Cold War implications. He says “With that layering, the war in Vietnam was inherently a hybrid conflict in which state-of-the-art conventional arms and tactics commingled with the tools and techniques of guerrilla and counterinsurgency warfare.” This makes the Vietnam War a very complicated tactical war, but it is also very complex operationally. His essay goes in depth discussing the hybrid warfare of Vietnam and how it was handled by the Americans. This essay will analyze Karl Lowe’s essay. He writes a very good account of the history of the Vietnam War, but there are some problems with it.

First, he does a good job defining “hybrid warfare”, which is the main theme he is discussing. He quickly describes it operationally in the first few pages, but it is not clear and concise. He goes on to describe how the global politics, training of the military, and other security obligations made it a hybrid war that was very complex. Hybrid warfare at the operational level was the overall strategy of the U.S. government and how it handled its resources. He clearly defines tactical hybrid warfare later describing how in the North the…

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