The Video Made Me Emotional Essay

739 Words Oct 8th, 2016 3 Pages
This video made me emotional. I immediately became anxious watching her and her staff separate the students. I don’t even know why I immediately felt like that. Lately whenever I watch or hear things possibly related to racism I become anxious. I am Hispanic and one of my children is half black. I immediately think of her and her dad. I immediately think of my little girl and wonder if she encounters any racism. I pray if she does; she doesn’t register it or that somehow it doesn’t affect her negatively. My little girl is undeniably a mixed child. You can see it in her features and even her hair. Not to mention that the majority of her friends are black. I thought of her and her little friends always playing and talking about their future. I thought of how they plan their weddings and their families and how all they want is what every other girl wants. I pray for her especially hard these days. I pray for her dad, my ex, especially hard these days as well.
While I was watching Jane Elliott with the blue eyes; I started thinking of all the times I was with my daughter’s father and people would judge him. He’s a big black man and he can be passionate about his beliefs and where he stands. They wouldn’t see him as a loving father who works really hard. They didn’t see how important being a father to three girls was to him. They never got to see how much effort he put into learning about being a father because his father wasn’t in his life. His perception of life and Caucasian…

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