The Victorian Period Between 1837 And 1901 Essays

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The time period between 1837 and 1901 was known as the Victorian Era. The structure of the works of literature written during this time period was all similar to each other. The works would speak of the issues prevalent at the time; however, when showing the good and bad sides of the issue, it lacked a true reality. Writers left out the gruesome details that everyone experienced, but they thought no one would want to read. In 1899, a novel was published that was out of the ordinary. It had the brutal, often hideous reality clearly portrayed in the storyline. While most authors never dreamt of writing something so uncommon, one author did. Frank Norris took his ideas of reality and used them in his novel. He used Social Darwinism to move his story along and give it plot. Norris’s McTeague changed the way America views not only literature, but all of society. Norris was born on March 5, 1870, in Chicago, Illinois. He lived in Chicago for 14 years until he moved with his parents to San Francisco. This is where Norris entered into the San Francisco Art Association. His family was supportive and moved to Paris so that he could study painting. After two years, they moved back to San Francisco and Norris, shortly thereafter, enrolled at the University of California. Although he studied there for four years, he did not earn a degree. When his parents divorced, Norris, his mother, and his brother moved east. Norris enrolled in a creative writing class at Harvard. His instructor,…

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