Essay about The Veiled Threat By Azar Nafisi

823 Words Oct 1st, 2015 4 Pages
With the news featuring headlines like: “Iran Nuclear Deal: What Happens Next?” and “Radical Islam: why Europe should be on war footing” it is no surprise that Western society has a fear of Muslims. In Azar Nafisi’s essay “The Veiled Threat”, she brings light onto a neglected issue within Islam: the inequality between men and women. Media has distorted the Western perception of Islam as it does with other cultures and people.
The news says “good evening” and then tells us all reasons it’s not. The news spends the entire news hour highlighting the negative things that happened in that world that day, then ends the evening with one feel good story. Because the people watching the news are getting only one aspect or perceptive the viewer will form options based on the stories they hear about a society. The media perpetuates stereotypes by the stories that they run. People in the United States only exposed to the terrorism in the Middle East. They don’t see these women fighting for their rights. People in the United States also do not expirence Muslim culture, religion, or families. The viewers are only exposed to one side of the story. When someone from the United States see a Muslim walking down the street they feel fear or hatred for a people they do not know. Human being want the simplest explanation. People need multiple perspectives in order to understand another culture. Individuals need to hear multiple sides of the story in order to gain a deeper understanding in order…

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