The Values Of Justice, Democracy, And Freedom Essay

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As a member of the organizing council, I argue that the values of justice, democracy, and freedom should guide the decisions about the structure of the new society’s government and social institutions. These three values promote self-advancement, which ensure an orderly society. However, I believe that each value has limitations when it serves to harm innocent people, thus impeding their advancement in society. I will discuss the value of justice to exemplify that no individual should serve merely as a means to an end, followed by a discussion of democracy to represent communal decision making, and end with a discussion of freedom which drives choice.
Justice means equitable and fair treatment of, or behavior towards, all individuals residing under the law. When practiced in society, justice will offer an equal, level playing field for all its inhabitants. Each individual is the same under the law so that one individual is not favored over another. However, Aristotle’s belief in the inferiority of women and children negates that justice should be fair and equitable treatment among all. In Politics, he writes, “Whereas in a state having women and children common, love will be diluted; and the father will certainly not say ‘my son’, or the son ‘my father’” (Aristotle 1262 15-18). In this passage, Aristotle is referring to private property, however, he implicitly argues that if men did not essentially “own” their wives and children, the love in the society would be diluted,…

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