The Value Of Knowledge Is Greatly Diminished Essays

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I agree with the statement “Without application in the world the value of knowledge is greatly diminished” to a fair extent. The supports for my view are based around the natural science and ethics, both of these are less useful when they cannot be applied, therefore the value of the knowledge is greatly diminished. Application in the real world may be the difference between a working model that saves lives and, a hypothesis. Applying knowledge is what creates the value of the knowledge, without application being possible the idea loses a considerable amount of value. Application means that the knower can use the knowledge in the real world, for example a biologist using his previous knowledge to write a new theory on a similar topic. This applied knowledge is more valuable because applying the knowledge is a way to use what is known in everyday life where as not being able to apply the knowledge means it does not affect most people’s everyday lives. Therefore, an idea that can be applied is more helpful to the average person. The value of the knowledge is mostly up to the individual knower. I am going to go into the sciences after college; therefore, the value of my knowledge of poetry structures is diminished substantially to me; it cannot be easily applied. This change in the value of the knowledge is due to the fact that the knowledge that the knower strives for becomes more specialized the higher the level of education. If it cannot be applied in the real…

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