The Validity And Cons Of The Death Penalty In The United States

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INTRO- The death penalty is an issue that has caused heated debate in the United States. As American citizens, we are granted by our founding fathers with basic rights and freedoms such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When someone flagrantly takes a life of an innocent person in our society, then we feel a responsibility to make sure that person is not able to commit such an act again. Currently, there are 30 States that have the death penalty, and 20 States, including Hawaii that do not have the death penalty. I believe that all States should have the death penalty. If arguments are weighed properly and empathy is felt towards the victims and their families, more people would be in favor of the death penalty as well. The goal of this paper is to explain the validity and use of the death penalty within today’s society.

The founding fathers, when established the eighth amendment, had in mind to stop the implementation of grisly and torturous execution at
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It was first instituted to become a deterrent to prevent heinous crime against society. I support the argument for the implementation of the death penalty if the adjudication was met, 1) the procedure consisting of a trail on which the culpability was met by Due Process protect under the 14th amendment, 2) the proceeding evidence and the crime warranted the death penalty. The sentencing, guidelines that are clear and understood between the choice of sentencing, and the fair and impartial verdict in concluding with the decision of the jury to the implementation of the death penalty. Moreover, the rendered decision from the jury of the defendant’s peer has met the threshold of guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Finally, the argument of the “cruel and unusual” punishment would not institute an issue if the method is defined and the implementation is medically proven to not inflict

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