The Vaccination Rate Among Health Care Workers Essay

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STRENGTHS There were many strengths about this article, that included methods, rates, graphs, and solutions. One of the strengths for increasing this vaccination rate among health care workers is by instituting the first mandatory influence program for all health care workers. In 2004, this medical center was the first to make the annual influenza vaccination a “fitness-for-duty” requirement for every employee. In this setting, all health workers are educated on influenza and the risks if they are not vaccinated. This vaccination was delivered in many ways which include peer vaccinations, a flu cart available at all times for use by hospital staff, and a mobile flue cart that travels around the hospital. The employees providing this vaccination for others would extend their hours of operations, which created a drive-through vaccination station in order to make this vaccination faster and easier. A free coffee was served for those who were being vaccinated, and for those employees also getting vaccinated who provided a document they would be reimbursed the cost of the shot. During this study, the authors were able to analyze that a lot of health workers would attend these vaccination sessions because it was a mandatory thing. This mandatory program was very successful that from they year 2002 the rate increased from 38% to 98.9%. According to the article, there were multiple reasons for health care workers to resist influenza vaccination some of these included the…

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