The Pros And Cons Of Sensationalism

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Did President Obama have Antonin Scalia killed? Find out more at 7! If one were to look at a current large corporate news source they would undoubtedly find hundreds of news articles that are similar to this one. Articles that have loud and catchy teasers proudly displayed without a shred of evidence, eyewitness testimony or peer review to back up their sensationalist claims. Furthermore even finding these articles may prove to be a challenge because one must first wade through thousands of advertisements, opinion pieces, and entertainment scandals before finding any actual credible newsworthy information, which is most likely sourced from another news provider. Sensationalism, competition for profit, and biased reporting is running rampant among today’s 24hr news outlets and we as a people need to desire better journalism.
Sensationalism is used as a very effective tool to garner attention to an article, but its frequent use
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Gone are the days where every home in America received a local paper that was run by someone who valued the honor in journalism. Today news sources are managed by multibillion dollar corporations who at the end of the day value only the dollars of their bottom line. Stories featured by these mega corps are tailored and edited to maximize the amount of counters they can get to their websites. Front pages are covered with reviews on consumer electronics and this fall’s new fashion trends, while literally surrounded by advertisements focused on getting more money out of consumers. A recent journalistic study found that, large corporations today have to compete to get more viewers while nonprofit news sources excel in content by focusing on actual news (Cozma 678). Meaning that although large corporations have more reach, and money to invest into investigation, because of the simple fact that they are trying to make a profit they cannot compete with actual

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