The Use Of Laboratory Animals Of Shanghai Slac Essay

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The male BALB/c mice were purchased from Shanghai Slac Laboratory Animal Center. The diet contained sugar, fiber, salt, and oil that were all food-grade and purchased from Auchan supermarket (Shanghai, China). The micronutrients, such as vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, K1, and Folic Acid, were provided by Shanghai Xinyi Medical Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China). Nicotinic acid and pantothenic acid were purchased from the Generay Biotech (Shanghai, China). Selenium and Biotin were from Swanson (Fargo, ND, USA). Other chemicals were all chemical pure and provided by Sinopharm Chemical Reagent (Shanghai, China). Deionized water was supplied as the drink for mice.
2.2 Ethics considerations
Animal study was carried out strictly in accordance with the Guidelines for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The protocol was approved by Shanghai Municipal Laboratory Animal Management Office, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission (Permit Number: 11ZR1416200).
2.3 Construction of vitamin B6 deficient mouse model
In order to investigate the influence of vitamin B6 deficiency on the immune system and the subsequent remediation by vitamin B6 supplementation, three-week-old BALBc mice, weighing an average of 10 g, were randomly divided into 4 dietary groups, namely the control group (+VB6+), the deficiency group (-VB6-), the recovery group (-VB6+), and the excess group (-VB6++). Each group contained 7 mice. They were housed in the standard…

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