The Qin Dynasty And The Fall Of The Great Wall Of China

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Register to read the introduction… Qin Shihuangdi, the emperor of the Qin Dynasty, was described by Jacqueline Morley as an “all-seeing eyes, the nose of a hornet, the voice of a jackal, and the heart of a wolf.” Shihuangdi ruled his dynasty for approximately 15 years from 221 BC through 206 BC, throughout those long 15 years Shihuangdi changed many laws and duties. He changed China’s currency, writing style, weights, measures, and distance. Shihuangdi changed all these things because he thought there was room for improvement. Other than just changing the way people had to to communicate with other countries, he also changed old duties into new laws that had to be followed unless his advisors wanted to live in prison for the rest of their lives. One of the new laws was family loyalty is the most important thing in life. Most people felt that the new changes were unfair, but only a few of them dared to say it openly to their emperor, Qin …show more content…
Its purpose is not just to protect Southern China from invasion anymore, but it is up to show the world what China has gone through many years ago. The Great Wall is now standing as a tourist attraction; about 4 million people visit it each year from all around the world. It is also said that the Great Wall can be seen from space. The Great Wall of China may be apart of history, but that doesn’t make it from holding a Guinness World Record. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest man made wall. Since the Great wall was built over 2,500 year ago, and built from sand, rocks, and earth, it might be in danger in the near coming future. “It saddens me to see the Great Wall being blown away, but we hope it can be a warning of what we have done to ourselves and our environment.” (Mr Zhou, 2013)
How did the Great Wall of China impact the Chinese, and the rest of the world? The Great Wall changed and created history that is still being studied as of today. It has been through long and harsh construction. It changed the way literature was written, that is still read today. Before all of this could have happened, there must of been a reason behind
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It taught both China and the whole world a new type of way to protect their country from invasion. Stated before, "It took more time to build, more people to build, consumed more building material than anything else in human history and it will never be surpassed in terms of scale."(Stephen McDonell, 2013) All in all, The Great Wall of China impacted China historically, culturally, and created a new kind of literature.

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