The Use Of Internet With Its Avalanche Of Interactive And Addictive Stimuli

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The use of internet with its avalanche of interactive and addictive stimuli, causes us to be better adapted to process such stimuli, tracking several thinks at once and multitasking. The net is a environment of interruptions, and to constantly use it, we are training ourselves to be very good at being interrupted. While it is possible to practice focused thinking while surfing the internet, is not the kind of thinking that it encourages. Slowly but for sure we started to have more and more difficulties to stay focused, concentrate on one task only. Our attention becomes broken and our thoughts, fragmented. Absorbing information from a superficial way is as important as the concentrated reading. The disturbing part, according to Carr, is having the knowledge that quickly reading is becoming our dominant habit. Thinking deeply, was perceived as a higher form of thinking, on the understanding, imagination and creativity. Gradually, with the increasing availability of connection, we have left in the background the interaction with books to interact with our devices in bed, on the bus to even in the bathroom. Apparently, truly original ideas that challenges our quo status can only be obtained when we think deeply. According to the author, to stay constantly connected, only responding as soon as possible, the amount of hallucinating stimulus that are presented to us have a greater tendency to conformity and reduced critical capacity. However, as individuals, it is important that…

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