The Use Of Guns And Gun Control In The United States

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Regular citizens are able to have access to guns due to the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. There are many different reasons for the use of guns and those reasons may vary in different states. Some people may find the use of guns as recreational, while there are others that possess a gun as a way to make themselves feel safer. The use of guns is a debatable topic since there are some who wish to have the right to possess a gun freely and there are others who believe that guns just create more violence. The guns that citizens have access to have evolved over time. When the Second Amendment of the Constitution was put in place, the guns had the capacity to shoot around 2-3 shots per minute in the hands of an experienced person. Even then, the muskets had to be used short ranged otherwise there would be a decrease in accuracy. Modern day semi-automatic handguns, on the other hand, are able to fire 215 shots per minute (Palmer). The guns that people used …show more content…
Citizens have to go through background checks and take courses to be able to carry a concealed gun. However, the system is still full of loopholes. If it takes longer than three days to check if the person can get a license, the person is able to buy the gun (New Scientist). Some people may look to gun shows to get their guns. Individuals that are prohibited from possessing a gun still have access to obtain one whether by getting it from a friend or from a “secondary market” (Vizzard). Keeping a careful watch of the secondary market is what government official should do but this “faces opposition from conservatives and the gun lobby” (Vizzard). In 1995, Texas legislature made the decision to take back a “125-year-old law that made it illegal for ordinary citizens to carry a concealed weapon” (Singh). The National Rifle Association, was

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