The Use Of Global Positioning Systems ( Gps ) Essay example

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Sport Scientists are becoming a staple in all levels of sports. Sport science is rapidly transforming the way a sport is played and the level of which athletes are performing in a sport. One of the most popular and effective examples of this is the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to monitor and manage an athletes training on and off the field. GPS technology in team sports permits measurement of player position, velocity, and movement patterns, with accurate feedback on the load of training. (Larrson) Athlete GPS tracking provides the sports scientist and the user with a capacity for better understanding of the specific and positional physiological demands of team sport and can be used to develop training programs that sufficiently prepare athletes for competition with the goal of optimizing on-field performance. Coaches, strength trainers, athletic trainers and staff can assertively plan, train and compete using the data utilized from the GPS. The key elements of a successful season in any sport is to maximize athletic performance while reducing injuries. All levels of sports, some high school, college and professional sports are selecting to use GPS monitoring and tracking systems to track athletes’ movements before, during, and after a game or competition. The systems are not only looking at distance and speed, but they can detect fatigue during the game, competition or activity, identify periods of most intense play, distinguishes activity profiles by position…

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