The Use Of Excessive Force By Police Essay

1488 Words May 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Overuse of Power and Force It is virtually impossible to open a newspaper or watch TV news without hearing a story about the use of excessive force by police. Day after day there is yet another accusation, video and investigation of an alleged case of police brutality. There have been so many stories recently about the way police officers are taking advantage of their power and mistreating the people they are paid to protect and serve. Take for example the case of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, who was killed by brutal force from officers in New York (Baez, 2014). People argue that the officers are just doing their jobs, but in my opinion these types of incidents are happening far too often. There needs to be an overall attitude change otherwise these situations will keep ending badly. One of the leading problems is the apparent racism that many of the officers seem to allow to cloud their judgment. They let this racism play a role in how they respond to events of their work. The media outlets have focused on this controversy in their reporting of events like what took place in Ferguson. The protests and riots in Ferguson after the death of a young black man brought a heightened awareness to the apparent police’s unfair treatment of African Americans in that community. Ferguson is certainly not the first community where we have suspected major racist problems. The majority of the deaths of unarmed Americans in the last decade have been African American and Latinos.…

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