The Use Of Drugs That Enhance Cognition Or Alter Mood Essay

1570 Words Dec 11th, 2016 7 Pages
This paper seeks to argue that the use of drugs that enhance cognition or alter mood leads to an inauthentic version of ourselves. I will be focusing only on healthy individuals who would be using this substance recreationally or merely to be “more than well”. The importance of this issue lies mainly in the youth of today and can be split into two distinct categories. Firstly, the issue is that taking a cognitive enhancement may lead to a very large divide, the example brought up in the text was a pill that you could take that would allow you to obtain all the knowledge that you would potentially gain during an undergraduate degree. A substance such as this may lead to a even more competitive work environment and magnification of economic disparity. Secondly, the issue of authenticity is an important one, specifically in the youth who would be most susceptible to use of a drug as this, with continued use it is plausible and likely for an individual to enter a crisis in which they feel they don 't deserve everything they’ve “accomplished” as it wasn 't really a product of their own hard work which in turn can lead to a slew of other negative thoughts and eventual neural and emotional imbalance. Personally, given the opportunity I would choose to forgo the use of such drug. Potential harmful side affects and long term effects aside, there are various factor which contribute into my decision: I believe life is essentially made up a series of tests of character, which we either…

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