Summary: Inhuman Traffick

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Inhuman Traffick In 1791, the uprising of slaves in St. Dominque inspired similar movements all over the world. The United States fought Great Britain a second time for independence. In South America centuries and old colonial empires began to unravel in Spain. The Revolutionary war subsided in 1815 in Europe. Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo helped prevent future outbreaks of revolution. Great Britain wanted to change after the war. In the 1780’s a powerful antislavery movement rose, which was led by Gransville Sharpe and Thomas Clarkson. The head powers of Great Britain decide to attack the Transatlantic Slave Trade first. Great Britain spokesman was named William Wilberforce. In 1808, he convinced the parliament to abolish the British Transatlantic …show more content…
Thomas George was one and he wanted to go so that he could find his wife. The next morning they arrived at Point-A-Pitre, which is the capital of the French Island. They agreed to find the slaves and the ship, but they didn’t want the African men wondering around. They worried that it would cause trouble. British sailors and Krumen could not find the governor, but they ran into some of the men that they recognized from buying slaves or some whom visited the plantations. The French military commander became upset when he heard that the British officer was on their territory. This caused problems between the French and Britain officers. The French officers asked the Englishmen to leave, because they didn’t have permission to be there. Britain began to think that the French colonies had something to do with slave trade because of the actions they took when Britain sailors and officers went to approach the issue that occurred. The French tried to take actions to avoid conflict with Britain so they started to release slaves, but they still wanted Owen to explain his actions. Captain Owen explained that the ship he seized was not a French vessel and that he had a copy of the papers and explained that the flags were fake. Other events occurred and it led to French participation in the Transatlantic Slave

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