Essay on The Unsolved Mysteries Of Science

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For many years, scientists and those in humanities and arts have misunderstood each other when it comes to the importance of science. Society may continue to have unsettled disputes if scientists are unable to explain their work, and if members outside of the scientific community are unable to understand the importance of the work done by scientists. David Balamuth, an Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences was asked about his view on the unsettlement. Balamuth believes that science should be respected and agrees with what C.P. Snow had said about how the statements “I know what the Second Law of Thermodynamics is,” and “I have read a play of Shakespeare’s,” should be equivalent. Balamuth’s ideas include; society must support scientific research to be able to preserve the earth’s population, we must understand the unsolved mysteries of science is a matter that affects everyone of us, astrology is perceived as “mysterious” and “exclusive” but has no scientific explanation whereas real sciences explain discoveries made and are constantly refined and proven with facts, we need to do research that will give facts for decisions that may have long term effects on the world, that although limited to experiments even the most complex phenomenon like consciousness can be understood, how we cannot limit the desire for knowledge , and how although things are already known in a broad spectrum there is still much to discover. I believe that science is an important theory to understand,…

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