The Unlimited Possibilities Of Free Speech Essay

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Unlimited Possibilities of Free Speech
The free right of expressing one’s thought and opinions is very important according to human rights for a country. Everyone might be able to speak and write with freedom, but could be responsible for such extremely negative or dangerous way of using freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is very important part for democratic government and most people because it is the only way the truth can come out. Everybody is different. Everybody has their own opinions, thoughts and beliefs that do not necessarily coincide with the other person’s. Should one person’s beliefs or idea prohibited because someone else is offended? Since it has both negative and positive effects it should be done carefully. It should not be limited if it is used for peaceful protest and social media but it should be limited for falls propaganda.
Freedom of speech should not be restricted when it comes to peaceful protest. Peaceful protest have a very good advantage that would bring an issue to light. Countries like Eritrea (East Africa) are not allowed to have protest against the government because the government is dictatorial. “In an interview with VOA 's English to Africa service Thursday in the capital, Asmara, President Isaias said his government is not interested in keeping people from expressing their views, but that he will do what is necessary to "protect national security" in the face of what he calls "external aggression" by those who take money from…

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