The Unknown : A Research Journey Essay

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Into the Unknown: A Research Journey in Qualitative Methods

As I begin writing this paper I am aware of the whirl of thoughts, experiences, hopes, and dreams that led me to begin my journey as a graduate student at University of Ontario: Institute of Technology at the beginning September 2015. I have noticed the changes in my thinking, my perceptions, and my identity that seemed to have occurred so rapidly over the course of the term and have become increasing understanding towards the meaning behind the quote “we are beings becoming” (Barnett, 2011, 2000; Crossouard & Pryor, 2008). As an emerging researcher, I find myself revisiting memories and catching glimpse of future possibilities, with the hopes of integrating them into current moments of my life (Barnett, 2011). Although to others it may appear as though I am travelling on a predictable path (Gardner, 2010), my journey as a developing researcher feels fresh, new, and innovative as I move through the motions. During this vigorous process of change (both internally and externally), producing knowledge and grounding my experiences, I reflexively (Etherington, 2004) watch myself settling into on a conceptual modality of my research interests which, although necessary, limits the multi-dimensionality of my experiences to one carefully crafted research question that will merit accreditation of UOIT’s Master’s of Health Science program.
Perhaps it is my past experiences and professional training, working with various and…

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