Essay on The University Of California, Los Angeles

1056 Words May 14th, 2016 null Page
First, I would like to sincerely thank you for this opportunity and for the additional consideration of my application to the University of California, Los Angeles. I decided to opt into the waitlist with hopes to further pursue my long term goal of attending your college. UCLA is my top choice due to the one of a kind opportunity it offers for my field of study. Being an Architecture and Interior Design student, it is important to not only learn the necessary skill sets for this field, but to learn real world application. In my eyes, the fact that UCLA teaches this to their students, is what separates them from other campuses, making it my top choice.

In the time since my original application to UCLA, there have been some changes to my profile. Upon reviewing my transcripts, it is clearly demonstrated that I am an A quality student, who is hard working and extremely dedicated. However, Fall 2014 does not communicate that due to some unfortunate circumstances I experienced. My mother, who has a severe drug and alcohol addiction, relapsed at the beginning of the this semester, and due to the timing of events, I was unable to continue attending. I was stuck trying to balance school and work, as well as care for her and get her into a rehab treatment facility. Two weeks into the semester I decided to focus entirely on the safety and recovery of my mother and made her life the priority in mine. I knew I could retake the classes that I was currently enrolled in at a later…

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