The United States Healthcare System Essay

1112 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
After watching the video about differences between countries’ healthcare systems, it came to no surprise the United States healthcare system is regarded as one of the worst designed systems for the people. After considering the points made, I have chosen three countries to what I feel to my best ability exemplifies the qualities of a possibly excellent healthcare system. Not all systems are perfect, however, these three countries have tried their best to make it into the best one possible: Netherlands, Switzerland, and England. Before I begin, I want to explain the following: Statutory health insurance, National Health Service, and cost-sharing. Statutory health insurance is another way of saying “national health insurance” (NHI) which is legally enforced health insurance program for their national population for the costs of health care. The National Health Service is a publicly funded national healthcare which gets its fund primarily by taxes while providing free to low-cost healthcare to all legal residents of the country. Cost-sharing is another term for “out-of-pocket” payments for costs not covered by insurance and varies depending on what plan the patient is on. The Netherlands have a statutory health insurance system with universally mandated private insurance while their government regulates and subsidizes insurance. As previously stated, the country requires all residents to have health insurance and is funded by payroll taxes, premiums, and general tax revenues.…

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