Essay on The United States Health Care System

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The United States Health care system can be looked upon as the land of opportunity. The United States health care industry is single handedly the largest employer in the country. According to the Data presented by the World Bank the gross domestic product for health expenditure in the United States was 17.1% in 2013(World Bank). The opportunity for administrators and third party payers is endless. In the free market, business organizations would be drooling at the market opportunity that the U.S. health care system presents. The United States hold key strengths in comparison to other countries such as Germany and Canada, like technology advancements, skilled medical professionals, Economic/Political conditions, and the increasing demand for services. These beneficial strengths provide strong points from an administrative and third party payer perspective. The baby booming era is close to retirement, which in return increases demand for medical services. The average life expectancy continues with a positive correlation to innovative technologies and more knowledgeable providers. This directly spikes the demand in which the administrators along with the third party payers reap the benefits of more revenue due to increased utilization of services. As patients live longer so does their insurance premiums and costs. This constant increasing revenue opens the door for furthering innovating technology due the accessibility of research funds. This advantage opens a door…

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