The United States ' Health Care System Essay

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The United States’ health care system is well known throughout the world. The evolution of health care has helped create a system in the United States that it is today, however the system still has setbacks. The same can be said about the health care system in place in the European country of Finland. Comparison of both the United States and Finland’s health care system and background of each will highlight strengths and failures of health care in each country.
Health Care System Background As each country has become more established and population has increase, the health care system for both the United States and Finland has evolved. Government programs have helped influence the health care system and provide coverage for citizens.
United States’ Background The federal government first began to become involved in health care during the United States Civil War when it began to help build hospitals in each state to tend to wounded soldiers or those who were sick (Cummings, 2015). It was during this time that health provisions including clean water can into place. During the mid 1960s, President Johnson enacted what is known today as Medicaid and Medicare to provide health care to those who fell below the poverty line as well as the elderly (Cummings, 2015). With the creation of both programs, it helped create a federal healthcare system that provided coverage to many Americans.
In 2010, the United States passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also…

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