Essay on The United States Government Should Be Legal

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The United States government should be unable to influence marriage because it is unconstitutional, is unjust to some cultures, and can cause numerous family issues. The state government is wrong to control our marriage, a thing that should only be done by a church.
The United States Government has created laws to “let” certain marriages happen or prevent them from happening. They control our marriage rights completely and this needs to be stopped. The only place that should influence a wedding is the church in charge of that particular ceremony. The government has no right to stop a marriage from happening, or “letting” it happen. Marriage is part of religion, therefore, it should be a free choice, just like religion is. Marriage is a right, not something that the government should try to control, or only give to certain people. It is unfair that only a few selected communities can enjoy this right, that others are banned from this religious right, and it has to be prevented from happening.
It is unjustly for the government of the United States to influence or rescind an uncontrollable right that the people were given by the Constitution. The first amendment of the United States Constitution acknowledges that the state government cannot control marriage, no matter how much they want to. Marriage is a religious ceremony in which that couple’s god bring their souls together forever. Because it is a religious ceremony, the government should not restrict certain people…

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