The United States Government And The Constitution Essay

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The United States government was created to have three equal branches, the judicial, executive, and legislative and was helped by the writing of the Constitution by James Madison. Even with these practices established, many Presidents and the government have decided and shaped United States politics by how they interpret and analyze the Constitution. Over the course of United States history all of the different political parties that arise read the Constitution in different ways and believe the meaning to certain parts of the Constitution are different. These conflicts have also caused many power struggles to arise between the President and Congress, typically when the two sides disagree and are controlled by different political parties, resulting in gridlock or a disproportional amount of power given to one branch. From the year 1787, the year the Constitution was written, to 1975, the arguments over the meaning and interpretation of the Constitution have affected U.S politics and along with these arguments, there have been many instances in which the president and Congress since the Civil War (1865) have had power struggles. Beginning very early on in United States history, the interpretation of the Constitution has affected U.S politics greatly. The two early political groups of the United States, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans both had very different agendas when in came to politics and the reading of the Constitution. One of the first conflicts that…

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